Car Wash Locations

Andover & Ramsey
BILL’S Superette operates the Mark VII Touch-Free car wash. This is the most modern technologically advanced wash available. All of the products that are used in our wash are non-caustic, non-acidic, biodegradable and sanitary sewer friendly! Winters are hard on vehicles in Minnesota… To keep our highways free of ice road plow crews use melting agents like potassium and calcium chloride. These compounds do a great job melting ice but also eat away at exposed metal. “Protect your Paint – Wash your Car Weekly!”

The extra service products that are put on our customer’s vehicles don’t just look and smell good they offer real protection. Colorshine, Total Turtle, Blaze n’ Glaze, and Clear Coat Protectant products give 7-10 days of protection from corrosives (like road salt), ultraviolet light and acid rain.

Our wash uses only fresh, clean, softened water which allows you to get a superior cleaning experience.