• Regular Unleaded
  • Super Unleaded
  • Premium Unleaded
  • Diesel
  • Non-Oxygenated
  • Kerosene (BILL’S Superette Nowthen Location Only).

Diesel Fuel

Winters in Minnesota can be hard on Diesel vehicles if they are not running the right fuel. Every BILL’S Superette offers a guarantee date that our fuel will be blended by to ensure the fuel will hold up to the extreme temperatures. Check the pump topper sign above the dispenser for a complete listing of the temperature guarantee.

Diesel Blending

Effective Dates

Protection To

  • October 15th – November 30th
  • December 1st – December 15th
  • December 16th – February 28th
  • March 1st – March 15th
  • March 16th – March 31st
  • -10 Degrees F
  • -20 Degrees F
  • -30 Degrees F
  • -20 Degrees F
  • -10 Degrees F


BILL’S will honor any competitor’s gas coupon if the following conditions are met:

  • Coupons valid up to 10¢ off per gallon (Limit 25 gallons)
  • Coupon dates must be valid at time of redemption
  • Coupons not valid with any other promotion or discount
  • No copies or facsimiles allowed

If you have any questions on this policy, please ask us.

Secure Access Fuel Dispensers

Bill’s Superette takes our customer’s information security seriously, our fuel dispensers utilize the latest in fuel dispenser technology and go beyond simple red tape. All our dispensers are fully integrated with the back office fuel controller; any unauthorized access will shut down the pump immediately which cannot be restarted until the pump is fully inspected. All fuel dispensers have these additional security features:

  • Audible alarms and dispenser offline message
  • Secure dispenser bezel locks which employs a unique laser cut key
  • Multiple tamper-resistant Torx screws